Writing of the article began to be demanded

At the present time, the writing of the article began to be demanded in the same way in order to be allowed to defend dissertation. In order to defend a thesis, you need to write an article, as a rule, this is quite enough to be admitted to the defense. It is desirable that the articles were written for each of the chapters, as well as did not coincide in terms of writing. When defending a doctoral scientific study, the number of articles increases, you must have a minimum of 6-8 articles written in different months, and preferably years. If you don’t have article writing skills you can order it.

Registration of the article, it is also desirable to make immediately, having decided on the magazine in which it will be published. It is also worth noting that writing an article takes from 7 to 10 days and depends on the complexity of the article itself and its volume. Placing an article takes a minimum period of 1 month. In some cases it is possible urgent placement. All conditions for cooperation in writing articles are negotiated individually.

Publication and article writing steps

When you decide to order a scientific article, in fact, the author, as a rule, sends you half of the material. You evaluate, check by any means, if everything is in order – make a payment, after which the author sends you the article completely finished, with annotation, keywords, a reference base and a list of references. This is the safest, most open and transparent scheme of cooperation. First of all, it is beneficial to customers. Why do companies go for such conditions? Everything is very simple. Each service is confident in its authors and is convinced that the material provided will be 100% consistent with the expectations of the customer.

Cooperation in terms of publishing a scientific article is as follows. If the published article is written by you – you send the article to specialists, they check it for plagiarism, if the indicators are satisfactory, they send the article to a journal where it is reviewed and placed in the next issue.

After the article is accepted for publication, the company receives from the editorial office a certificate stating that the article has been accepted for publication and sends it to you. After receiving the certificate of acceptance of the article for publication, you make a direct payment. If the article is written by the author, the mechanism is similar – the payment is made after receiving the acceptance certificate from the journal.

How to publish a scientific article?

Many services on the Internet are engaged in the publication of scientific articles both written by authors and articles written by you personally. Publications are carried out in popular scientific collections. The cost of publishing an article depends on the prestige of the selected publisher. The publication of the article is rather short, as a rule, companies cooperate directly with editors; therefore, they have no queues and they publish within one month, since this is due to the periodicity of the publication of a scientific collection.

Payment for the publication is made by you only after submitting a certificate from the publisher in your name that the article has been successfully reviewed according to article writing SEO demands and accepted for printing with an indication of the specific number and date of release. After that, the editors issue an invoice for the payment of the publication and upon the fact of the payment, the journal together with the article goes to the printing house. Then you can get, both printed and electronic version of the collection.