The article is a summary of the main results

The article is a summary of the main results of scientific research in summary form. A prerequisite for admission to the defense of a master’s or doctoral dissertation is the publication of articles in the relevant collections. In the article, the author informs the scientific community about the scientific results that he obtained in the course of the research work. As a rule, the length of the article is from 3 to 5 typewritten pages. Articles should be absolutely unique, and best resume writers on borrowed elements, links should be put. Any article must be properly formatted.

The term of publication of a scientific article depends on its status. Placing an article in an electronic compendium usually takes from 2 business days, in print a little longer. This is due to the fact that the journals have a certain release schedule. In addition, there is a specific queue in the logs. Therefore, the writing of the article and its publication should be prepared in advance.

Ordering article

To order article writing samples, you need to go to the “make a request” section and fill in the fields available in this section. Be sure to include: the topic of the article, the status of the article, the volume of the article, your email address. After receiving the application, the manager will contact you to clarify all the necessary details. In addition, you can call us on these phones, or write messages to instant messengers, where you will also be consulted on the question of writing an article to order.

The authors, completely free of charge, will help you to formulate the topic of article writing (format cbse) and select a magazine in which it will be posted in the future. In addition, when writing scientific articles, many companies do not take an advance payment, you see directly what you will pay for.

Ordering master’s dissertation articles

The article of the master thesis should be placed in the appropriate collection. Writing an article of master’s thesis, as a rule, is made in accordance with the scientific results that were obtained personally by the author during the writing of the master’s research. This is a small article with a volume of 3-5 pages, which displays the main scientific results. Publication of this article can be made both in the electronic version of the journal, which is possible to carry out within 24 hours from the moment of appeal, and in the printed version, which is somewhat more complicated, since the frequency of publication of such a journal is also 1 time per month.

The paper should comply with the general requirements or the requirements of the journal in which the placement is planned. As article writing tips show, it is best to write a scientific article according to a specifically selected journal.